A miracle at work: Mannen fra Snåsa («Doing Good»)

TIFF 2016: «Margreth Olins Mannen fra Snåsa offers another view, an impetus to think again. It finds something universal and genuinely moving in a theme we might too quickly have dismissed as no more than banal.»

Louder Than Bombs: Joachim Trier’s play on perspective

As so often in films, Louder Than Bombs is not a dissertation of, but a meditation on its themes and motifs. Seen in isolation, words and deeds may seem unexceptional – it is as a whole that writer-director Joachim Trier and co-screenwriter Eskil Vogt’s film takes flight.

It Follows, part 1: Evil threatens Suburbia

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows inspires awe far outside the ranks of horror film aficionados. This first entry in a series of three articles looks at 10 possible ways into the film, trying to put into words and pictures what makes the film so special.

It Follows, part 2: Nightmare in red

David Robert Mitchell offers an intelligent and deeply deliberate use of motifs. We reveal how sleep, water and the colour red create an “invisible”, parallel trajectory to the surface story of It Follows.