We collect certain kinds of information when you visit Montages, in order to better understand how our readers use our services, and to enable us to make improvements accordingly. As with most websites, browser cookies are used to enable the gathering and storage of some of this information. If you do not wish to allow the use of such cookies, you can find the option to turn cookies off in the settings of your web browser.

Here is a list of the kind of data we gather for the different part of our services, as well as how we use that data and which third party services are involved:


When you participate in debates and comment on articles on Montages, the information you provide – including name, URL, email address and the submitted comment itself – is naturally stored. Additionally, your IP address is stored alongside the posted comment, as a tool to prevent abuse, spam and attacks. Montages International Edition  uses the third party service Disqus to manage our article comments service.

Sharing and likes

Montages has an integration with Facebook, which enables you to see when friends have liked and shared articles. This feature entails the use of browser cookies from Facebook, which tracks data associated with your use of our page while logged on to Facebook.


To allow us to better understand our reader base and adjust the presentation and delivery of our content, we use Google Analytics to collect and analyze statistical data on geography, hardware, browser device, time usage and page viewing behavior when you are visiting Montages.


To protect our server systems and solutions against hacker attacks and other security threats, we are using the third party service Wordfence, which entails the use of the data and cookies described here.