Pennies from Heaven (1981)

The hero of this brilliant, darkly poetic musical is fantastically arrogant, loutish, self-centred, self-pitying and pathetic, played by Steve Martin as totally captive of his dreams and desires.

Return to Oz (1985)

This Disney production is remarkably dark and sophisticated, made during a brief period of a more adult approach to their live action family films. 11-year-old Fairuza Balk is absolutely enchanting as the resourceful heroine.

Agnès Varda in a box: Inhabiting TOUT(e) VARDA

«Her life as a mother dictated what spaces she would film in. Her feminist I takes place in the film, in the frame, behind and within the camera. Her installations are inhabitable, a shed of cinema to walk through and be within.»

M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass: Fusion of shards

An initial response to the narratively complex and structurally beautiful Glass, which concludes the diverse trilogy of the meditative mood piece Unbreakable and the character-oriented suspense film Split.

The Lighthorsemen (1987)

An excellent, visually ravishing Australian World War I film with an absolutely electrifying extended climax.