A miracle at work: Mannen fra Snåsa («Doing Good»)

TIFF 2016: «Margreth Olins Mannen fra Snåsa offers another view, an impetus to think again. It finds something universal and genuinely moving in a theme we might too quickly have dismissed as no more than banal.»

Louder Than Bombs: Joachim Trier’s play on perspective

As so often in films, Louder Than Bombs is not a dissertation of, but a meditation on its themes and motifs. Seen in isolation, words and deeds may seem unexceptional – it is as a whole that writer-director Joachim Trier and co-screenwriter Eskil Vogt’s film takes flight.

The Village, Part III: Love, murder and monsters

Whispered echoes, nightmare logic, high melodrama, relentlessly ingenious staging – this visual analysis of M. Night Shyamalan’s pastoral masterpiece preserves the film’s own gestures, often rearranged in surprising combinations.

The Village, Part II: A tapestry of characters

After a general evaluation of this M. Night Shyamalan tour de force, the large cast of characters and their relationships are examined, with a special emphasis on subtext and how it is expressed through mise-en-scène.